Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Posted on Friday, November 16th, 2012

On the “Moonrise Kingdom” review I discussed how expectations going into a film can drastically affect the viewers level of praise or disappointment, in their film going experience. “Here Comes the Boom” is the perfect example of this phenomenon.  After receiving free sneak preview passes to the film, I asked myself if “HCTB” is even worth seeing for free, being as my level of interest in a Kevin James starring comedy was negative 52. Of course  the answer was “Yes! It’s a free movie!” When your goal is to see every film ever made,   A film like this as a way to set the low end on the terrible movie bar. Also, after seeing Kevin James’s last starring role, “Zookeeper” (2011), I felt that Mr. James owed me something for the waste of time, despair, and anger caused to me by such worthless drivel. (Also, it wasn’t funny) Would this be the film to turn my opinion of Kevin James movies back around???
………Absolutely! I’m almost embarrassed to have enjoyed “Here Comes the Boom” as much as I did. It may not be a life changing piece of art, but it has a surprisingly positive message and it made me LOL many many times.  While the genre of “HCTB” is a comedy, it seems to juggle drama and action quite well for a triple threat. The film follow a high school teacher (Kevin James) that chooses to begin MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting, to earn enough money to keep the schools music program alive. I never expected to recommend this movie when I sat down to view it. Kevin James, you truly are the “Paul Blart Mall Cop” that I knew you  could be. Kevin, you have redeemed yourself.


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